Communications to the faithful from Bishop Brian Dunn, Bishop of Antigonish Diocese

March 5th., 2017 - Bishop Dunn'sd 2017 Lenten Message to the Faithful

November 27th., 2016 - a pastoral letter from Atlantic bishops on medically-assisted dying

October 20th., 2016 - concerning the recent flooding in Cape Breton

February 10th., 2016 - Lenten Message to the Faithful for 2016

November 23rd., 2015 - concerning the Jubilee Year of Mercy

October 9th., 2015 - concerning progress on the 2nd. anniversary of the Diocesan Congress

February 18th., 2015 - Bishop Dunn's 2015 Lenten Message.

January 19th., 2015 - concerning the 2015 Synod on Pastoral Care of the Family.

January 19th., 2015 - Request for input from the faithful to the 2015 Synod - Part I

January 19th., 2015 - Request for input from the faithful to the 2015 Synod - Part II

December 14th., 2014 - Bishop Dunn's 2014 Christmas Message to the faithful.

December 4th., 2014 - Christmas Message from the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

October 9th., 2014 - concerning progress since the Diocesan Renewal Congress of 2013.

May 14th., 2014 - concerning a Service of Reconciliation to be held on Sunday, June 8th.

March 5th., 2014 - 2014 Lenten Message from Bishop Dunn

January 20th., 2014 - concerning the on-going process of Diocesan Reconciliation

November 12th., 2013 - concerning the Synod on the Family

November 12th., 2013 - concerning Reconciliation in the diocese

February 13th., 2013 - Bishop Dunn's Lenten Message for 2013

September 20th., 2012 - An Update on the 2013 Diocesan Renewal Congress
          ~ "Rebuilding My People - The Church"

August 8th., 2012 - concerning the need to support the re-opening of
Talbot House Addiction Treatment Centre

May 23rd., 2012 - concerning future plans for the Sydney Area Deanery

May 15th., 2012 - concerning Freedom of Consicence and Religion from
the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

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May 1st., 2012 - concerning the Catholic Organization for Life & Family's National March for Life

April 10th., 2012 - concerning Consultation in preparation for Synod of Bishops

Jan. 06, 2012 - concerning the Diocesan Renewal Program

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